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Pratika 56: the excellence among wrapping machines

PRATIKA 56:  imposes a new standard in the field of automatic shrink wrap machines.

High mechanical and electronic technological engineering guarantee reliability.

Each machine is adaptable to meet a multitude of different applications across sectors. This wrapping machine model includes a standard kissing belt system.

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Electrical power supply
V 230
ph 1
Max power installed
kW 2.5
Pnematic Supply
bar 5
Hourly Production (based on size of product and film used)
Sealing bar diemsions
mm 600x400
MAX product size
mm 600x400x160
MAX Diameter Reel Dimensions
mm 300
Max Reel Strip Dimensions (Width)
mm 700
Work Surface Height
mm 870 (infeed belt)
Machine dimensions (Guards Closed)
mm 2480x1240xh1675